The Untold Truth of Extreme Makeover: Why Ty Pennington Vanished From Our Screens

For a while, it seemed impossible not to see Pennington on television or to hear about him in the media for one positive reason or another. But after releasing several design books and building an empire, the handyman virtually disappeared from the spotlight. From a nasty DUI to some misfired TV projects, here are the reasons why we don’t seem to hear from Pennington anymore.  

Ty Pennington’s still embarrassed over his DUI

While Ty Pennington was helping out families on national television, he was also on a path of self-destruction. On May 5, 2007, Pennington was arrested for driving under the influence in Los Angeles, as reported by People.

His blood-alcohol level was 0.14 percent, well over the legal limit. He apologized for his actions, saying, “I made an error in judgment. …  I could have jeopardized the lives of others and I am grateful there was no accident or harm done to anyone. This was my wake-up call.”

He also apologized to his employer ABC, saying, “I also want to apologize to my fans, ABC Television and my design team for my lapse in judgment and the embarrassment I have caused.”

People later reported he pleaded no contest to DUI charges and received 36 months probation, was fined $1,500, and was ordered to undergo a 90-day alcohol education program.

After enduring embarrassing court procedures and countless headlines, Pennington said, “I’m happy to bring closure to my recent court proceedings… Drinking and driving is never acceptable,” adding, “I hope this experience can help others as much as it has helped me.”


Ty Pennington’s had a life-long battle with ADHD

Ty Pennington
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Ty Pennington is perhaps one of the most animated and active people on television. As the host of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Pennington was clearly energetic.

But it wasn’t until 2012 that he confessed his energizer-bunny personality is caused by his attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), a disorder he’s had to learn to manage.

“I see a psychiatrist … Medication has helped,” Pennington told The Huffington Post. “It’s something that’s worked for me for several years in small doses.” Although Pennington has his ADHD largely under control, he may still come across as hyper. “Hyperactivity is just one aspect of ADHD,” he added. “There’s distractibility and there’s impulsivity.”

He was brutally honest about how ADHD has affected his professional and personal lives, explaining, “It affects the way you communicate.” He continued, “Not only that, but if you can’t pay attention to someone who’s trying to tell you something and then you forget that they even said it, they think that you may not even care.”


Ty Pennington’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition was axed

After 202 episodes, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition was canceled by ABC in 2012. The popular show tore down and rebuilt economical and sustainable homes for deserving families each week. As Ty Pennington described to Parade in 2012, leaving the show behind wasn’t easy, but he grew from the experience.

“I think what Extreme taught me is that as an artist, what you create with your hands has a lasting difference and actually makes someone’s life better,” he said. “It’s something that I’ll always be proud of.”

Despite that show being yanked from the air, Pennington hasn’t given up on helping families in need get beautiful, well-crafted homes. Parade noted that Pennington was searching for an affordable way to do so.

Since then, Pennington has managed to rest and pay more attention to his family. “My friend recently said, ‘Oh my God, dude. You look rested.’ Now, I actually have a chance to try to get some of the things in my life in order,” Pennington clued in, adding, “So I’m trying to reconnect with my own family and breaking ground on a sustainable home I’m building for myself in northern Florida.”

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