Hottest Women In The World Right Now

Beauty nowadays comes in many different shapes and sizes, and a pleasant appearance is not everything to go by anymore. Today’s leading ladies are outspoken, accomplished minds and business moguls, dominating our everyday media, launching trends, and changing the world in which we live.

Whether on screen, on stage, or on the runway; these ladies are altering the face of our society. All while looking naturally flawless – and what’s fiercer than that? These are the hottest women in the world right now.

The list is curated in no purticular order:

Emilia Clarke

Emilia Clarke #hotwomen #hottestwomen #hottestwomenintheworld

Emilia Clarke really has it all: beauty, wit, and a bunch of pet dragons. As of this year, the Game of Thrones actress has become one of the highest-paid actors on television, earning a jaw-dropping $3.54 million per episode.

While she has graced many top spots in magazine’s ‘sexiest alive’ rankings, she is also a known advocate for women’s rights and gender equality.


Rihanna #hotwomen #hottestwomen #hottestwomenintheworld

From the cute girl-next-door to confident girl boss; Rihanna’s transformation is one to behold. Whatever the Barbadian beauty touches, turns to gold.

With hundreds of music awards and design collaborations in her corner, she has now focused her professional interests on the beauty industry.

Her Fenty Beauty collection was named one of the inventions of 2017 by Time magazine.

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