Gabourey Sidibe from Precious Stunning Weight Loss Secrets Revealed

  • She Avoids Soda

While growing up, Gabourey Sidibe would drink soda frequently and have burger and fries. These unhealthy and poor eating choices were the initial reasons for weight gain. When she decided to lose the weight for her health, the first thing she did was to cut out soda from her diet completely. Instead, she started drinking ice-cold water with a few lemon slices. It kept her hydrated and flushed out all the toxins from her body.

  • No More Junk Food

The next step that Gaby took was to remove all the junk food from her diet. Her childhood was filled with junk food, and she would eat Oreos and fries. Cutting down on burgers, pizza, fries, and all other processed foods helped lower the salt and trans fats intake. She started snacking on vegetable chips, hummus, and saltine crackers.

  • Eats At The Right Time

Apart from making healthier food choices, consuming food at the right time is also highly important. She started consuming 6-7 meals per day with a heavy breakfast, a mid-sized lunch, and a light dinner. Drinking water 20 minutes before every meal also prevented her from overeating and kept her hydrated.

  • Maintains Portion Size

Maintaining the portion size is crucial when it comes to losing weight. Because no matter how healthily you eat, if you overeat, you will still gain weight. So, Gabourey Sidibe talked to a nutritionist and her personal trainer and started consuming the right amounts of good carbs (veggies, fruits, and grains), protein, and healthy fats (olive oil, avocado, seeds, and nuts)

  • Uses A Smaller Plate

The best way to control portion is to eat in a smaller plate. When you consume food in a smaller plate, your brain tricks you into assuming the small quantity of food to be a large quantity of food. As a result, you’d feel like you have eaten a lot when clearly, you have not.

  • Reduced Her Salt And Sugar Consumption

Gabourey loved Oreos and cupcakes and binged on them. However, since her diagnosis, she made a firm decision to give up on them too. The sugar content in these foods is very high, and when you are diabetic, you have to control the amount of sugar you consume. So, she gave up on her favorites to improve her body composition and help treat diabetes type 2.

So, is only eating enough to lose weight? Of course not! Here’s what Gaby did after one month of following healthy eating.

Gabourey Sidibe’s Exercise Plan

After she started eating healthily, she started feeling more active and energetic. But she knew that to speed up the process of weight loss, she had to get a professional trainer who would help her slowly get back in shape. Here’s her exercise routine.

She started with low-impact exercises, like slow walks on the treadmill, stair stepper, and Versaclimber to put minimal pressure on her joints. This cardio helped her burn calories effectively. She moved on to other exercises for 30 minutes, three days per week.

They included leg press, lunges, squats, lat pull down, and barbell curl. She also posted an impressive photo of her doing aerial yoga in June 2017. So far, she is going great, and all her hard work is showing in her body.

So, you see, anyone can achieve a better and healthier body if they really want to and put their efforts to get there. Gabourey Sidibe is a living example. Take her story as motivation and do what you need to do to improve your lifestyle and overall well-being.

Start following the right diet, take a gym subscription (because working out at home is not much of a driving force for many of us), and build social support by talking and networking with people with similar fitness or weight loss goals. And for sure, you will start to see results in just a few weeks. No more doubting yourself, just go for it! Take care.

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