35 Foods That You Should Never Put In The Refrigerator

25. Molasses



Keeping molasses in the refrigerator is simply impractical. Molasses is already a highly-viscous substance and when you keep it at such a low temperature, like in the fridge, if becomes solid and impossible to use. So find another place to keep it.

Most recommend keeping molasses in an airtight container in a cool area, such as your pantry. An unopened jar of molasses will generally keep good for about a year. Once opened, its life expectancy is cut in half, around just six months.


26. Nuts & Dried Fruits


Nuts and dried fruits shouldn’t be stored in the refrigerator. The chill temperature of the fridge can smother the nutty flavor and make dried fruits too firm and tasteless. It’s best to keep the nuts and dried fruits in an airtight container in the pantry instead of the fridge.

And remember, if the nuts are still in their shells, then they can absorb the odor of things near them. So store them separately. If you do have nuts in the fridge then just give them a quick toast in the oven before using them for anything.


27. Bananas


The placement of your bananas is going to be dependent on whether they are ripe. Unripe bananas should be kept out of the fridge and it will be possible to tell if they are ripe by their color. The unripe bananas are green and firm.

If your bananas are already ripe and you aren’t going to be eating them within the next few days, then you can place them in the fridge to stop them from over-ripening and going bad. And remember not to keep them near other fruits and vegetables that you don’t want ripening any further due to the gas bananas emit.


28. Chocolate


Some people like to keep their chocolate and candy bars in the refrigerator. To that we say, “to each his own.” But in fact, keeping chocolate in the icebox is damaging to the chocolate and ruins its taste and texture.

When chocolate is kept in the refrigerator a phenomenon called “sugar bloom” occurs. Sugar bloom can be seen on the outer layer of the chocolate. It literally looks like little blooms and it causes the chocolate to be grainy and gritty.

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