35 Foods That You Should Never Put In The Refrigerator

10. Eggs


This is a controversial food to keep out of the refrigerator for sure. But it actually is fine to keep eggs at room temperature.

As a general rule though, if you buy eggs in the refrigerated section, keep on refrigerating them.

If you buy eggs at room temperature, then its fine to keep doing so or put them in the fridge, should you wish.

According to Tim Hayward, presenter for the Food Programme on BBC Radio 4, “A fresh, free-range egg should last beautifully at room temperature for at least a week.”


11. Coffee

Never ever keep your coffee or coffee beans in the fridge or freezer. That’s what all the experts say, including Starbucks. The fridge and freezer are far too humid and will make your coffee tasteless and less aromatic.

The only reasons why you should even think about putting coffee in the freezer is if you have either bought in bulk and won’t be using it right away or if you are not a daily coffee drinker and just keep it around for guests.


12. Honey


If you put honey in the refrigerator it will begin to crystallize and turn into a clumpy sugary mess. Not recommended.

Experts say that the best storage for honey is in your pantry, away from extreme temperatures. Honey can also be dangerous due to botulism and should NEVER be fed to children under 12 months old.

It might surprise you to hear that technically, honey never goes bad. The color and consistency will change over time but the properties of honey and its high sugar content protect it from growing bacteria as long as it’s stored properly.

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