Beijing Abandoned Chinese Disneyland

abandoned chinese disneyland

Videographer Catherine Hyland described it this way on her website: “Trapped in limbo, a hybrid space between the ‘real’ and the artificial, this environment induces a sense of transformation or manipulation that appears to permeate and displace the realm of fantasy.

Tamed by the locals, the uncompleted remnants of Wonderland become the antithesis of everything it was supposed to be, its value altered permanently.”

According to some, the farmers could not agree on the value of the land on which Wonderland was to stand.

The Daily Mail reported that “It was to be China’s answer to Disneyland – a magnificent theme park attracting millions of visitors a year with state-of-the art rides in a chintzy fairytale setting.”

Wonderland, or Blunderland as it is dubbed in the Daily Mail article, was envisioned to be “a bustling theme park attracting some three million visitors and generating 6 billion RMB ($1 billion) a year.”

But by April 2013, the dream was officially over. The demolition crew was on its way. Prince Charming was never coming to Wonderland.

Most of the unfinished Wonderland Amusement Park in Beijing’s Changping district was demolished in 2013, after 15 years of abandonment.

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