Beijing Abandoned Chinese Disneyland

The city of Chenzhuang within the Changping District of Beijing Municipality, China, was going to be well-known.

At least, that’s what builders Reignwood Group have been considering within the late Nineties once they laid out the plans for an impressive Disneyland-styled amusement park.

Even although most of it has now been demolished and changed by a contemporary mall, a number of randomly situated incomplete buildings are there that can be discovered dotted across the area of Chinese Amusement Park site.

This Chinese Wonderland was meant to be an enormous tourist destination in China which is situated on an area of a 120-acre plot of land about 45 minutes far from the main city of Beijing.

With U.S. copyright laws this amusement park was created a theme park based on Disney’s Worldwide style that they promised could be “the largest amusement park in Asia.”

However, in 1998 the construction has been stopped as there was a conflict between the local authorities and farmers over the cost of their properties. The Developers of this amusement park tried to restart the construction work in the year 2008, but the effort gone all in vain.

The deserted buildings actually attract native youngsters and some other photographers, who encounter signs that were telling them to proceed at their own risk.

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