30 Very Intriguing Stories From The National UFO Reporting Center

Balls of fire cross the skyAlexyz3d/iStock

‘Fireball’ witnessed across the United States and beyond.

During the month of November 2013, residents in multiple areas — from Florida to California as well as Alaska and even British Columbia, Canada — reported seeing red and orange “fireballs” appear in the sky.

Some witnesses claimed that as few as three of the “red orbs” had shown up, while others said there were as many as 30, with a few even stating that the UFOs “float[ed] overhead” for around 30 minutes before disappearing, according to the National UFO Reporting Center.

Three "V" shaped UFOs fly in the night skyktsimage/iStock

Aviation specialist reports a V-shaped UFO.

Near his home in Turlock, California, an aviation specialist saw a “‘V’ shaped UFO with 15 whitish-yellow lights” that “traveled in a straight line and was observed from approximately 35 degrees above the horizon.”

According to the National UFO Reporting Center, the man reported that the “object made no sound … [and] had no standard navigation lights or strobes.” That surely stumped the aviation specialist!

Woman walks across the road with a UFO in the backgroundgremlin/iStock

Woman spots ‘cylindric’ object hovering over trees in Virginia.

After driving her husband to an airport in Richmond, Virginia, a woman noticed a round cylinder-shaped object flying by the side of the interstate.

According to the National UFO Reporting Center, the woman reported that the object halted its flight, shone a bright light down toward the ground, then continued “hovering over the trees but there was no sound and the trees did not move.” Very, very weird!

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