30 Very Intriguing Stories From The National UFO Reporting Center

Do you believe in aliens? If so, then you’re definitely not alone. “Just under half of Americans believe UFOs exist and have visited the Earth,” according to an Ipsos poll. However, whether or not you think that there are other beings living somewhere in our vast universe, the fact is that UFOs are real.

No, we don’t mean that there are necessarily flying saucers darting around the night sky while being piloted by little green creatures. The simple fact is that sometimes people see things that can’t be explained. That’s why we use the term UFO, as in unidentified flying objects.

Indeed, you might be surprised to find out just how many people have spotted something that they can’t quite name other than to call it a UFO. Granted, some reports are more believable than others, some are downright weird, and some might make you wonder if there really are aliens visiting us here on Earth. For instance, check out these intriguing stories from the National UFO Reporting Center.

Three UFOs in the sunsetMATJAZ SLANIC/iStock


Three black UFOs fly over a mother and her six children in Washington State.

In La Crosse, Washington, a woman was driving with her six children on a cut-off road, north of Snake River, when the kids noticed bright lights above a wheat field.

The objects at first glance were believed to be the lights of an oncoming truck; however, as the lights approached, the woman reported that she “saw three coal black, delta-shaped craft.

With articulating structures on their noses, from which the blinding lights were radiating … [and] appeared to be scanning the ground ahead of them,” according to the National UFO Reporting Center. Aliens? Maybe. Strange? Definitely!

Crowd of people looking at UFOMATJAZ SLANIC/iStock

Tennessee citizens report a UFO sighting followed by an explosion.

In January 1995, citizens of McMinnville, Tennessee, witnessed strange blue, green, and red lights in the sky that “descended slowly and almost vertically to earth.” According to the National UFO Reporting Center.

The local 911 center was flooded with calls about the lights in which “one or both of the two green ‘clusters’ of lights ‘exploded into fragments’ … [and] an intense white flash occurred which was bright enough to be blinding.” Seeing a UFO is one thing. Seeing one possibly explode is another!

UFO under the wing of an aircraftktsimage/iStock

Commercial planes near Long Island report a strange object flying above them.

In November 1995, two commercial airplanes reported an object with a “big bright white light on the front, and a greenish tail coming out the back” that was flying right above them.

According to the National UFO Reporting Center. After witnessing the phenomenon, the pilots both confirmed with the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) that there was “nothing [authorized] flying in the area,” leaving the object they saw a mystery.

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