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5 Famous Mysterious Stories of Bermuda Triangle (The Dragon’s Triangle)


Bermuda triangle, also known as the Devil’s Triangle, happens to be one of the most mysterious places on this planet. Located off the Southeastern coast of the US in the Atlantic Ocean, between Bermuda, Florida and Puerto Rico, the region has become the Centre of unresolved mysteries.

Covering an area of 440,000 miles of sea, Bermuda triangle is part of a busy shipping route in the world, with a number of vessels heading to America, Europe and the Caribbean crossing through every day.

It is more due to the inexplicable outcomes that make it a highly studied and yet enigmatic component of the earth’s surface. Over the centuries, a large number of ships and planes have been reported to have mysteriously disappeared in the region.

Also, this Devil’s Triangle has been blamed for the disappearance of thousands of people in the past decades.

The term “Bermuda Triangle” was first used by Vincent Gaddis in 1964 in his article published in Argosy magazine.

Bermuda Triangle

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The stories around the Bermuda triangle begins in the time of Christopher Columbus when he reportedly saw a flame of fire crashing into the sea in the triangle during his first voyage to the New World.

However, the mysterious behaviour of the region came into the public attention only in the 20th century when the Navy cargo ship, USS Cyclops, with more than 300 people on board, went missing in the Bermuda triangle. The latest such incident in the region is the disappearance of a small twin-engine plane in May this year.

The plane, with four people on board, suddenly disappeared from the radar when it was flying from Puerto Rico to Florida, and the debris appeared to be from the missing plane was found later.

The recent incident that involved a ship was the sinking of a cargo vessel in the Bermuda Triangle during a deadly hurricane in October 2015.

As the accidents, often mysterious, continue to happen in the Bermuda Triangle region, many have offered a number of explanations for the mystery behind them.

The role of paranormal activities and the presence of aliens have been strongly suggested by those who believe something odd is happening, while many with scientific view disputed this argument offering rational explanations to the phenomenon.

Among the few proposed scientific explanation, the more popular is the theory of electromagnetic interference that causes compass problems.

This theory claims that there is a very high pull of the earth’s natural magnet which redirects the compass and other sophisticated equipment, and disallows them to take their intended route through the waters.

However, as no single theory could offer a concrete explanation, many still believe there is nothing strange with the region as most of the incidents were inaccurately reported or fictionalised versions of the accidents.

Notwithstanding there is no proven theory for the exact reason behind the mystery of Bermuda Triangle, the accidents continue to happen in the region every year.

And, the legends of Bermuda Triangle consists of a number of the mysterious disappearance of vessels in the region, most of them remain least clueless still. Here is a list of most noted stories of disappearance or the unresolved mysteries of ship accidents in the Devil’s Triangle.


1. Mary Celeste

Possibly one of the most mysterious stories of shipwrecks, this ship is a tale of its own. Despite being found adrift in some other location in the Atlantic Ocean, the connection to the Bermuda triangle had been somehow invoked to find an answer to the mystery of its fate.

Discovered on 4th December 1872 with everything right in the place except for the entire crew, the ship was found stranded on the sea days after it started its journey from New York to Genoa, Italy.

There were seven crew members along with Captain Benjamin Briggs, his wife and their two-year-old daughter abroad the vessel which was loaded with raw alcohol.

But, days after, when a passing British ship called Dei Gratia found Mary Celeste under partial sail in Atlantic, off the Azores Islands, the ship was unmanned with no crew abroad and the lifeboat was also missing.

It was also found that nine of the barrels in the cargo were empty and there was a sword on the deck. No trace of the people abroad the vessel or the missing lifeboat has ever been found.

Studies of the ship clearly ruled out the possibility of a pirate attack since everything on this ship including the barrels of alcohol it was transporting and the valuable belongings of the crew were intact.

Theories surrounding the mystery of the Mary Celeste also included the chances of a criminal conspiracy, alien abduction, and even an attack by a giant squid.

The possibility of a natural disaster was also on the list. Many suggested the role of an undersea earthquake behind the accident, while few proposed an accidental foraying of the vessel into the Bermuda Triangle.

However, as much as these speculations seem reasonable, they clearly don’t fit. After all, why would a perfectly skilled crew on a good weather day, with their ship entirely uncompromised abandon it and then never surface again?


2. Ellen Austin

It is an unnerving triangle mystery associated with the American white oak schooner, Ellen Austin. In 1881, the 210 feet long Ellen Austin was on her way to New York from London when she stumbled upon a derelict near the Bermuda Triangle. Everything seemed fine with the unidentified schooner drifting just north of the Sargasso Sea, but the missing crew.

Captain Baker of the Ellen Austin asked to observe the derelict for two days in order to make sure it’s not a trap. After two days with no response from the ship, the captain entered the abandoned vessel with his crew to find the well-packed shipment and no sign of the crew.

In order to tow it back with Ellen Austin, the captain placed a prize crew on the ship, set to sail together. However, after two days of sail on calm waters a squall separated path of the two ships following which the derelict vanished.

Days after the storm, according to the stories, Captain Baker’s lookout could spot the vessel through his spyglass only to realise the vessel drifting far away aimlessly once again. After hours of effort, Ellen Austin could catch up the vessel.

But, strangely, no one was on board. However, another version of the story suggests a second attempt by Baker to bring her back to land but ended with the same fate before Ellen Austin before abandoning the cursed vessel.

Other reports suggest that the derelict was once more spotted but this time had a separate crew than the prize crew placed on it by Ellen Austin.

The disappearance of the ship, her reappearance and the absence of the prize crew is an intriguing story. It is more like a secret of Bermuda triangle, one that has seemingly no chances of being unravelled anytime soon.

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